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Gift Wrap

Q.How can I get a gift wrap done?
You can choose to gift wrap your order by selecting the GIFT WRAP option in your shopping cart.

Q.What payment methods can I use to pay for a gift order?
You can use any payment method that drape ethnic supports. You can also use your cashback balance to pay for the order.

Q.Will the pricing, discount and payment information be displayed on the package sent to the recipient?
No. The external packaging slip/invoice will not include any pricing, discount, or payment information. However, the original product tag with the mrp will be intact on the products inside the package.

Q.Can i apply a coupon or discount on the gift wrapping charge?
Discounts and coupons are not applicable on gift wrap charge. However, the discount will get deducted from the product.

Q.Who can return the gift?
The sender can put in a request to return the gift item. A sender can return an item by visiting our website. The refund amount will be credited to the sender's cashback account. Please note that when you return an item, the gift wrap charges are not credited back.

Q.Any extra charge require for gift wrapping?
Yes. A nominal charge of Rs 25/- per order will be charged on selection of the gift wrap option..